We are

A reliable partner for general contractors and telecommunication companies

DEREX is a certified expert in the field of all types of electrical work, the organization of building system engineering, the construction of telecommunication networks, and the implementation of various infrastructure projects.

We operate in Latvia and Germany.

12 years of experience

Derex is a certified contractor committed to high quality standards


Derex offers a full service including design, engineering, project planning, construction and installation work and operational maintenance.

Planning and installation of building system engineering

All types of electrical work: low current systems (video surveillance systems, security systems, fire alarms, etc.) energy efficient lighting (LED), power supply and much more


HVAC (engl. heating, ventilation, air conditioning) installations

Water, sewerage and fire-fighting systems

Construction of intercity and urban infrastructure

DEREX offers a full cycle of construction and arrangement of urban and intercity infrastructure, from the early stages of design to operational maintenance.

Road construction.

Street energy efficient lighting.

External power networks.

Transformer substation.

FIber optic installation

Our comprehensive service is specially designed to meet challenges with laying optic fiber between settlements and within the city.

Derex works in both rural and urban environments, taking on projects with and without existing infrastructure constraints.


DEREX focuses on high financial efficiency, reliability and maximum commitment to project objectives. You can explore the values and methods of our company.


Work quality

DEREX ensures the all-round quality of the works performed and results delivered. We improve your TCO and remove operational headaches


Timeline control

Comprehensive planning allows DEREX avoid unnecessary rush and "fire fighting" during the project. Whenever possible, we optimize schedules to secure deadlines


Quality process

A quality result cannot be achieved without a quality core process. DEREX always ensures a transparent work process



Our clients rest assured their objectives will be met. DEREX delivers on promises and carefully manages uncertainties in collaboration with customers


Budget control

Financial efficiency and transparency are our top priorities. DEREX always maintains realistic estimates and reserves for emergencies



DEREX continuously informs clients about progress made, milestones achieved, issues faced and resolutions elaborated