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Discover the engineering art with DEREX, your dynamic partner in energy transformation since 2010. We spearhead fiber-optic network construction, building system engineering, and urban infrastructure development. We illuminate prospects with innovative solar energy solutions and pave the path with advanced LED lighting. With roots in Latvia and Germany, our expertise transcends boundaries, ready to sculpt brilliance worldwide.


Baltic solar floating system constructed


Miles of fiber-optic cable connect
rural, and urban areas


Urban areas upgraded with engineered lighting network


Spaces improved with LED
lighting solutions


We've harnessed the energy to take on projects from scratch,
in new buildings and in reconstruction


Fiber-optic network construction

Our service focuses on the intricate process of fiber optic network construction, highlighting our capability to tackle drilling across all types of terrains. With a blend of technical expertise, specialized machinery, and a comprehensive approach, we ensure each project, regardless of complexity or location, is delivered with precision and efficiency.

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Solar energy solutions

As an EPC contractor specializing in solar energy solutions, we are analyzing, constructing, and providing after-service maintenance to optimize your transition away from traditional fossil fuels. We offer end-to-end services, so our clients benefit from efficient and sustainable solar energy solutions.

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Urban and suburban infrastructure

We specialize in providing design and engineering solutions for components of communication, energy, and transport infrastructure. Services encompass security systems, lighting networks, electrical grids, traditional communication networks, and traffic management systems for roads and pedestrian zones.

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Building system engineering

We design essential building systems, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and security systems. We take the time to identify specific needs for each building and develop customized plans and specifications that prioritize energy efficiency and safety.

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LED lighting

When it comes to illuminating a space, we’re sure that LED lighting is the way to go due to its reduced energy cost and minimal environmental impact. Our process includes selecting the right LEDs based on their color temperature and rendering index, lumens per watt, calculating the number of LEDs and designing the wiring and electrical components accordingly.

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Promenade of the Daugavpils Fortress

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Restoration of the Daugavpils Fortress

The Daugavpils Fortress, originally constructed in the early 19th century, com...

Saules School woodworking workshops

This project encompasses a bespoke LED lighting solution tailored for an educa...

The 1st floating solar power plant in the Baltic region

DEREX, a proficient player in the realm of renewable energy, has designed and ...

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