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DEREX is an energy sector company that conducts all types of electrical installation work, designs building system engineering, constructs telecom network infrastructure, implements infrastructure projects and offers solar energy solutions.
Each technical stage of the work is based on international certificates that confirm the dignity of services. Our own machinery park and equipment make us a contractor capable to independently perform all stages of work without attracting additional resources.
We have built cooperative relationships with clients and partners worldwide over 13 years of work. The clue to this achievement is in solid technological solutions and a value-based approach to working with people and natural assets.


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Our history

DEREX was founded in 2010 by a team of professionals. The company started as a small business providing electrical installation work, and it grew into a reputable fiber-optic installer and solar energy provider in the entire energy industry.

We have developed the competencies of our employees, offered freedom to all passionate researchers in our technological art and thus created a team of professionals who want to give the world high-speed communications and clean energy.

At every stage of the company’s development from a small business to a global company, we focused on innovation and the value of a person. So we have become a trusted partner of architects, engineers, telecommunications companies and households. Our technologies have been used in many high-profile projects, including 3 significant projects in the Daugavpils Fortress and others.



A company that connects the world and harnesses the sun. At DEREX, we are convinced that natural assets and scientific achievements are common property. The benefits of civilization give man unlimited opportunities to explore life. And we aspire to provide the territories with high-quality alternative energy and connectivity so that everyone has equal access to the world.


We are the agents of progress and therefore better living conditions. We organize our work responsibly, synergize with people and value natural resources — this approach transfers technology benefits to humanity.


We work in an orderly manner

We are adherents of smart management with consistent planning. We have a transparent progress plan in our hands, which allows us to optimize work regularly and make deadlines safe and achievable.

We choose cooperation

We appreciate working with intelligent, well-organized people in an atmosphere of cooperation and trust. The ideal approach for us is balanced communication and equal involvement in the project. We discuss with the client progress made, milestones achieved, issues faced and resolutions elaborated.

We care about the present

Alternative energy is not an innovation of the future, it already makes the present sustainable. It is important for us not only to reduce the burden on nature in our work, but also to be a guide to «green» functioning for our clients.


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Alexei Krasko

Board member

Inese Kruste

Head of HR

Alexey Rizhkov

Construction Project Manager

Oleg Miroshnikov

Construction Project Manager

Renata Tukisha

Head of Accountants


We are dedicated to collaborating with intelligent and well-organized individuals who share our commitment to cooperation and trust. With a strong belief in balanced communication and equal involvement, we foster an inclusive environment where ideas flourish and challenges are overcome together.

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