Restoration of the Daugavpils Fortress


After decades of abandonment, the restoration process, initiated in 2014, aimed to faithfully recreate every intricate detail of the fortress’s original state. Balancing the need to comply with modern building regulations while preserving historical aesthetics, user safety, and environmental accessibility proved to be a key challenge. DEREX’s area of responsibility in working with this project was lighting and HVAC systems.

Energy-efficient lighting:
Point LED luminaires have been installed in all rooms, providing efficient and low-energy lighting solutions. By utilizing LED luminaires throughout the fortress, the project significantly lowers the energy demand for lighting, contributing to overall energy efficiency.

Innovative heating system:
The installation of skirting boards with heating in the 7th Bastion, sourced from an Italian manufacturer, further enhances energy efficiency within the fortress. These skirting boards provide efficient heat distribution at floor level, promoting warmth and comfort in a more targeted manner.



Daugavpils, Latvia

Gold in the TITAN Property Awards 2022 Restoration category

Grand Prix at the Latvian Construction of the Year 2022

3rd place in the “The Most Sustainable Landscaping” category at the Sustainable Development in Architecture, Construction, and Design 2022

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