Fishing farm IRBE green energy conversion


With Latvia’s top commercial fishing company we’ve spearheaded a 116 kW solar station transformation.

  • 116 kW — The power of the solar station.
  • 112.32 MWh per year — the planned volume of electricity generation.
  • 264 JINKO SOLAR panels with a capacity of 440 watts.
  • FRONIUS TAURO 100-3-P inverters with a power of 100 kW.
  • The project reduces the company’s carbon footprint by 12,243 tCO2 per year.


We have installed lightning protection on the roof of the building with panels. Why is this solution effective?

  • Investment protection. Installing lightning protection helps prevent damage to the panels and preserve investments in solar energy systems.
  • Building safety. Lightning protection helps reduce the risk of fire and improves overall safety.
  • With this solution, we have minimized the risks of equipment damage, reduced financial losses, and ensured the safety of both the panels themselves and the building as a whole.



Roja, Latvia

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