DEREX wins 3 awards at “Latvijas Būvniecības Gada balva 2022”

DEREX, responsible for lighting and engineering systems, received three prestigious awards in the 'Latvijas Būvniecības Gada balva 2022' award for contributions to the Daugavpils Fortress projects. On March 7, 2023, this annual award recognized outstanding architecture and construction projects in Latvia from the previous year across ten categories. We take great pride in presenting our accomplishments:

The grand prize was awarded to ‘Engineering Arsenal of the Daugavpils Fortress’

Previously inhabited by bats, this dilapidated site has been transformed into a venue for contemporary art and historical exhibitions. The Engineering Arsenal stands as a culturally and historically significant architectural monument of national importance.

The Engineering Arsenal’s main halls are brilliantly illuminated by natural light and spot LED lamps, creating striking contrasts and a mystical, subdued ambiance reminiscent of the 19th century.

‘Powder Magazine and 7th Bastion of the Daugavpils Fortress’ received second place in the ‘Restoration’ category

Both structures within the Daugavpils Fortress have been meticulously restored to their original splendor. The Gunpowder Warehouse has been transformed into a permanent exhibition space for local ceramist Peteris Martinsons, as well as for temporary exhibits. Additionally, the 7th Bastion structures have been reinforced to ensure safe visitor access and preserve the longevity of this iconic city landmark.

Preserving fragile materials and structures from the 19th century is the foundation for decision-making in this project. Implementing significant modifications or incorporating advanced technologies could compromise the building’s authenticity and historical value. The interior spaces rely solely on natural ventilation systems, which facilitate the exchange of air through windows, doors, and existing chimneys. This process is driven by the density disparity between the indoor and outdoor air. Mechanical ventilation is only employed in the bathrooms of the facility.

‘Promenade of the Daugavpils Fortress’ took third place in the ‘Territory Improvement’ category

This well-appointed embankment stretches for nearly a kilometer, extending from the railroad bridge to the former football stadium. As a comfortable and picturesque addition to the existing infrastructure along the Daugava River, it serves as an integral part of the Daugavpils Fortress tourist complex.

The new lighting project along the promenade ensures optimal visibility during evening hours, enhancing the overall atmosphere. DEREX aimed to create an enchanting ambiance, accentuating the promenade’s unique features and making it a delightful destination for evening strolls, gatherings, and recreational activities. This project not only enhances the area’s safety and security but also elevates its visual appeal, attracting both locals and tourists alike.