DEREX partners with Saules School for engineering systems and lighting grand opening.

DEREX, a contractor specializing in engineering systems and lighting for the Saules School construction project, recently attended the grand opening of the new school's educational facility.

The newly unveiled educational building at Saules School has been thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and provide an optimal learning environment for its students. One of the notable contributions by the DEREX team is the implementation of adjustable lighting systems at each workstation. This feature allows students to personalize their creative spaces and customize the lighting according to their preferences, enabling them to create an atmosphere that enhances productivity and sparks their imagination.

Furthermore, the electrical installations carried out by DEREX include a highly efficient ventilation system. This system effectively manages wood waste at the workshop building and ensures a continuous supply of clean air throughout the entire building. Specialized exhaust systems have been meticulously integrated to maintain a healthy and conducive environment, prioritizing the well-being of both students and staff members alike.