Promenade of the Daugavpils Fortress

Spanning almost a kilometer, the project area stretches from the railway bridge to the vicinity of the old football stadium, incorporating a pedestrian zone designed for relaxation and leisure.


A key objective of the lighting strategy was to ensure the safety of pedestrians navigating the quay area during evening and nighttime hours. Acknowledging the importance of safety and aesthetic appeal, our engineering team deployed a series of high-performance streetlights. These units are characterized by their powerful illumination capabilities, which are meticulously balanced to ensure a comfortable perception by the human eye.

By installing streetlights that provide consistent and ample illumination, we have significantly enhanced the visibility along the pedestrian path, thus reducing potential hazards and contributing to a secure environment for all visitors. The lighting design prioritizes energy efficiency, durability, and minimal environmental impact.



Daugavpils, Latvia

3rd place in the "Territory Improvement" category at the Latvian Construction of the Year 2022

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