The 1st floating solar power plant in the Baltic region

DEREX, a proficient player in the realm of renewable energy, has designed and installed the first floating solar power plant in the Baltic countries with a capacity of 2.1 MW. The main feature of the floating power station is its resilience to Baltic weather conditions: the station has already proven to be effective in temperature regimes down to -22°C


The design of the floating system has been undertaken by Sungrow. The solar modules are manufactured by RECOM Technologies.

  • The station, boasting a capacity of 2.1 MW, will provide the necessary energy for the full operation of the wastewater treatment plant ‘Sloka’ (‘Jūrmalas ūdens’ water utility).
  • 3,820 frameless bifacial double glass modules, each with a power output of 550 W размером 1,7х1,3 m.
  • The project aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 231,657 tonnes per year.

Why did we choose to place the solar station on water?

The decision considered technical and energy efficiency, as well as the landscape features of Jurmala. It is predominantly covered by natural areas (64%) and has reserves and protected areas (16%) with rare flora and fauna. Due to the unavailability of land, an unused pond in the western part of the Sloka wastewater treatment plant was selected for the solar station installation.

What are the advantages?

  • The natural cooling effect of water helps the station maintain a stable temperature even in hot weather.
  • Dual-sided (bifacial) panels made of double glass provide even higher station performance by capturing solar energy directly and absorbing light reflection from the water surface.
  • The solar power plant protects the water pool from excessive overgrowth and bacterial proliferation.
  • The customer saves money as they do not need to pay taxes on land or rent fees for the area.

Thanks to DEREX’ specially designed solutions, the system is resistant to salt, fog, snow, and ice — typical precipitation in the Latvian climate — as well as to the effects of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide on the station’s materials and equipment.



Jurmala, Latvia

2nd place in the "Infrastructure" category at the Latvian Construction of the Year 2023

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